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Why Curacao

Just 55km from Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea you will find our beautiful island of Curacao, with its diverse and vibrant culture, rich history and wonderful colorful Dutch architecture, it comes as no surprise to find out that the island is known as one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

This island is home to over 50 nationalities and is multilingual with spoken languages including Spanish, Dutch, English and a local language of Papiamentu.

It is a very popular destination with vacationers, and cruise ships regularly make a stop on the island, having said that the island still retains its authenticity and has an undiscovered feel to it, making it all the more special.

Curacao benefits from a tropical savannah climate thanks to its location, and enjoys more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, temperatures are usually constant all year round and rarely drop below 24 degrees, with some rainy days thrown in here and there.

Because the climate is so good it makes it possible for residents and visitors to enjoy being outdoors all year round, taking advantage of their beautiful surroundings, beaches and fantastic activities on offer on the island.

There are so many activities available here that it would be impossible to list all of them, here are a few of the most highly rated by residents and regular visitors.

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

This is an activity not to be missed, Curacao’s underwater world is world famous among divers, the main reason for this is that Curacao has some of the easiest shore dives in the world, but in addition to this, there are also several wreck sites for divers to explore. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, it is well worth getting some lessons and exploring under the sea.

National Parks of Curacao

Curacao has several national parks, including Christoffel National Park and Sheta Boka National Park, both of which are highly recommended. The Christoffel National Park offers several hikes including a climb up the Christoffelberg which is the highest hill on the island. The Sheta Boka National Park has some of the most spectacular scenery with one of the most important national treasures nearby – The nesting beaches of sea turtles!

Downtown Willemstad

A visit to Downtown Willemstad is a must if you want to get a real feel for the history and culture of the island. This area has been named as a UNESCO World heritage site, and with good reason, as you will see when you visit. The streets are lined with beautiful monuments, and colorful buildings and architecture with Spanish and colonial influences, really bringing the history to life as you walk through the town.


Of course one of the most popular activities on the island, is a visit to one of our many beaches, each beach has its own attractions, and depending on what you want you will find the perfect beach for you. So go and enjoy a swim in the clear waters, a relaxing afternoon on the white sparkling sand or maybe a stroll in the evening while watching the beautiful sunset.

As well as all the wonderful attractions surroundings and weather, there is something else that makes Curacao a very special place to be, the people! The locals on Curacao are some of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet. They are great for a party and love to welcome visitors and new residents to the island like old friends. Locals and visitors mingle with ease on this island and if a visitor ever needs help with anything there is always a willing local nearby to offer a helping hand.

When it comes to festival time the Curacao locals really know how to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, fully embracing and sharing their culture with everyone around! The dancing, music and food are all an eclectic mix of the strong African and European influences, and reflect the friendly happy personalities of the locals of the island. There are several celebrations throughout the year, each one with its own meaning and theme.

Partying on the island is not limited to festival time, in fact Curacao offers some of the best nightlife in the ABC Islands, with such a large population and diverse culture, you can enjoy nights in clubs, bars and restaurants and enjoy the live music or DJ sets until the early hours of the morning! Because the island is populated with a happy, social mix of residents and visitors, the nightlife scene is aimed at both, and every local knows the best place to be. The heart of the Curacao nightlife has to be in the Salinja district, it is here you will find a plethora of different venues, genres of music and dancing from dusk til dawn!

Our island really is a fantastic place to live or visit, with so much beautiful scenery, things to do, new friends to meet and wonderful weather, where else in the world could be better?