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Investment in Curacao

The government of Curacao welcomes investment from individuals with high net worth, this sort of investment can provide a real economic benefit to Curacao. Obtaining an investor permit is simple, and will allow the investor and their family to reside in Curacao. It’s however necessary that the family has proof of sufficient funds to support themselves as well as having private health insurance.

There are two investor permits available here in Curacao:

  1. Indefinite investor permit: This type of permit will be granted with investments of US$ 840,000 and over (ANG 1,500,000), and entitles the holder to stay in Curacao indefinitely.
  2. Temporary Investor permit, lasting up to 5 years: This permit will be granted with investments up to US$840,000, although the permit may be extended as long as the conditions are met.

An investor permit is the fastest way for individuals to invest, work and live on our beautiful island.

To facilitate high net worth investors coming to Curacao, the government has set out some guidelines for the permits detailed above.


In order to qualify for the either of the permits, it is necessary that you have paperwork to present showing the amount of the investment you intent you make. In addition you must have sufficient funds to support you and your family including a full private health insurance policy.

When applying for the temporary permit, the first permit issued will be for a period of one or more years, and subsequent permits will be issued for similar periods as long as conditions are met:

  • Investments of at least US$ 281,000 will qualify you for a residence permit lasting 3 years, which will be renewed if circumstances stay the same.
  • Investments of at least US$ 420,000 will qualify you for a residence permit lasting 5 years, this will also be renewed as long as circumstances remain unchanged

Family members will receive a residence permit for the same period as your investor permit, however, if your permit expires, so too will the residence permits.

Of course there are circumstances where an investor permit will be refused, extended or revoked, although these circumstances are rare, they do happen.

A permit may be refused because:

  • It is in the interest of public order, general interest, or for economic reasons.
  • The applicant cannot show sufficient funds in order to support themselves or their family.

Extensions may be applied if, you still have sufficient funds and circumstances have not changed.

Revocation will only occur if the holder of the investor permit has

  • An irreversible conviction or violation with or without a prison sentence
  • In case the general interest requires it
  • In case the holder no longer has sufficient funds
  • If circumstances change meaning that you no longer meet the conditions required

Before receiving a residence permit it is necessary that you have evidence of full private health insurance for all family members. You are also required to pay a security deposit for the permit (deposit amounts depend on nationality)

When applying for an investment permit on the island of Curacao, each applicant should allow a period of 2 weeks to receive a decision. The following documents are required:

  • Fully completed and signed application form
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • 4 passport photos
  • True copy of recent birth certificate (not older than one year)
  • Certificate of good behavior issued by your most recent place of residence
  • Health insurance policy
  • Statement from a local bank with details of your investment amount
  • Proof of payment of the fees for the permit

(For more information on the investor permit see factsheet investors permit and investors permit news)

So why invest in Curacao?

The island enjoys a thriving economy; beautiful weather and an open market where individuals of high net worth are encouraged to invest, develop businesses and buy real estate, keeping the economy flowing and thriving for all that live here.

Curacao is situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea around 44 miles off the coast of Venezuela, and its neighboring islands include, Aruba and Bonaire. The island is a multilingual autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and has been governed by a constitutional democracy since 1954.

Tourism is the main sector on the island, and similar to many islands in the Caribbean, the tourism industry has contributed significantly to economic growth and employment on the island. Curacao is filled with and authentically rich historical heritage which makes it ideal for all types of travellers from all over the world. Add the millions of cruise ship passengers that pass through the island every year and you have a winning combination making the island an excellent choice for investment.

Oil refining is another principle sector in Curacao, after the discovery of oil in Venezuela the Isla Refinery was opened on the island in 1916. The refinery receives raw crude oil from a number of international oil companies for processing into finished products, and has the capacity to produce 335,000 barrels per day

Financial services have recently become a major sector on the island, with many USA investment managers looking to create offshore investment funds. The island has a well-developed commercial and investment banking system, with regional banks opening branches here, including First Caribbean International Bank.

Other sectors on Curacao include, technology, manufacturing, wholesale and retail and agriculture and fisheries.

Curacao offers a wide range of incentives for investing in and doing business on the island:

  • Excellent international trade relationships, having international trade agreements with many countries,
  • A skilled and energetic workforce, with a 90% literacy rate
  • Safe environment, Curacao is known as one of the safest places to do business among the Caribbean islands
  • Investment friendly government policies, the government is very keen to bring in foreign investment and to this end, have set up two free economic zones.
  • free benefits

(for more information on tax see doing business with Curacao)

Tax incentives for foreign companies or investors

  1. Low tax rates on exports – A company doing business in one of the free zones only need pay 2% tax on the profit earned through exports
  2. Tax exemption – Businesses relating to export or import are exempt from several tax requirements, such as import duty, turnover tax and excises.
  3. Employee benefits – Employees at businesses in the free zones will be entitled to tax-free benefits

(for more information on tax see country profile Curacao and doing business with Curacao)

As Curacao is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, anyone who wants to do business on the island will benefit from several other tax benefits, such as avoidance of double taxation.

If you want to set up a business in Curacao it is compulsory to acquire a business establishment license, there are several different company types available to set up on the island, and you are free to choose the one that best suits you and your business. (For more info see country profile Curacao)

Curacao has a growing economy, a fantastic infrastructure for doing business, a friendly and well-educated population and a very safe environment for business and investment. It’s well established financial and legal structure offers enticing opportunities for inbound and international investments.