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Sambil branch opens on October 31st 2013
2012-08-01 09:52:56 by
Centro Sambil, the Venezuelan shopping center chain, are hoping to open a branch on Curacao by October 2013, this is very good news for residents who live in BONAIRE REAL ESTATE.
This was announced by members of the Cohen family, the founders of the chain, during a visit with Premier Gerrit Schotte.
The shopping center of 35000 square meters, offers space for 220 to 240 shops. There will also be a food court, similar to the branches in Venezuela. The food court offers space for 22 units.
According to the investors, the shopping center will create around 2000 jobs.
This will be the tenth branch of the Sambil brand. Apart from the shopping centers in Valencia, Maracaibo, San Cristobal, Punto Fijo, Barquisimento and Margarita, the chain is also in the process of constructing branches in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Trinidad.
The site chosen for the new construction is between Weg naar Westpunt, Veerisweg and Rector Zwijsenstraat. The site has been cleared and prepared, and the construction company has stated that it is ready for building, and the first brick can be laid soon.